Fiona Carver is a painter and printmaker from the Rutland/Leicestershire border. She has been creating things since she was a tiny girl when her grandmother would encourage her to draw elaborate chalk pictures on her kitchen floor. She went on to train at Edinburgh College of Art graduating with a BA (hons) in 1999 and now creates contemporary oil paintings and linocuts of the land and sea.

She is interested in capturing an impression of a place, the atmosphere, colours and emotion experienced at that time.  Her paintings are completed mostly ‘en plein air’ meaning they are painted outdoors, usually in one sitting.   That way she can capture the light and weather, getting the brush marks down before it changes. The challenges of painting in wind or rain, with moving subjects and changing views adds to the exhilaration of finishing a painting, stepping back, stretching and absorbing what is on the canvas.

The process of creating a linocut makes a nice contrast for Fiona with it’s slow, methodical planning.  She cuts multiple blocks for each print, one for each colour, and layers them to build up the image.  She usually has a good idea of what the finished piece will look like but this can change as the image progresses and Fiona will often adapt it as she goes along.  She is interested by the process of etched lino and experiments with this to create texture and energy in her practice.

She has exhibited around the country and her linocuts have appeared on the cover of Country Living Magazine.